Cricket world history

Cricket is currently the second most watched sport in the world and is especially popular in our region,

but very few people know how cricket started and what is the history of cricket.

I will try to explain in simple words,

well it is very interesting that no one can say exactly who started cricket, some historians say that cricket was invented in France and King Edward II also played cricket.

And some people say that in the lush green and beautiful valleys in the south-eastern part of England, some young people were playing a game.

Cricket was played in England

This was also written somewhere by John Direct, a student of the same school.

After that, in 1598,

A case was going on in a court in Surrey, England. Cricket was referred to, i.e. cricket was being played in England from this period.


Was initially played with a stone or piece of wood instead of a ball, and a stick and sheepskin instead of a bat

It is said that the proper playing of cricket was started in 1611

When two men were sentenced by a court in Sussex, England and you will be surprised to hear why this punishment was given.

It was given because these people were playing cricket instead of going to church on Sunday. In the same year, the word cricket was added to a dictionary.

Friends cricket originated in England in the 17th century

And spread to Australia, the West Indies and India through the British East India Company.

Cricket was also played in America and Canada.

The first international match between America and Canada was played in 1844. This match was played at St.

George’s Cricket Club in New York, USA, but cricket could not be popular in America and Canada.

In 1877, the first cricket test match was played between Australia and England, in which Australia defeated England by 45 runs.

The three members of the C were Australia, England. And South Africa were friends.

Another interesting thing is that earlier it used to be that if a batsman wanted to hit a six he had to throw the ball outside

The stadium but then in 1910 this changed to the first one day international match.

It was played between Australia and England in 1971.

And then suddenly cricket started to become popular and cricket has become a global support of billions of dollars and

Perhaps they did not even think that one day this game of theirs will become so popular all over the world that people will become crazy about it and these people will leave all their work to watch this game.


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